50 increíbles fotografías profesionales y muy premiadas en diferentes e importantes concursos internacionales de fotografía


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Siguiendo con la tónica general de los últimos días y después de la buena acogida que este tipo de entradas en el blog está teniendo entre todos vosotros, os presentamos una preciosa recopilación de imágenes profesionales con el añadido de que todas ellas han sido premiadas en algunos de los más prestigiosos concursos internacionales de fotografía.
Os dejamos incluso, algunos comentarios en versión original de los autores de las fotografías.
Si alguien tiene algún problema para entender el texto, me lo dice y le traduzco por aquí mismo.
Espero que os gusten…

By Cor Bosman

By David F. Bezold
This mountain lion’s favorite spot is a large rock formation where he rests in the late afternoon. I waited patiently until he stared directly at me.

Friends by Peter Allinson
This photo was taken three miles west off the coast of Dominica. The whale is a member of a pod of about 50 sperm whales that live there. His name is Scar. Andrew Armour has befriended the whale and is pictured with him.

Tribal by Jessica Teng
The use of artificial light was well executed, as is evident by the specular highlights of the paint on the face to give it that extra shiny look. This photo has lovely composition, great ideation and beautiful colours.

Sheep+shepherd by Soren Skov
The image was captured in Romania. The shepherd was asleep with his sheep.

Erwin von Arx – Science

I took this photo at my sister’s apartment on the balcony, while I was testing my new lens (Sigma 105mm Macro) which I had gotten a few days earlier. I was looking for something interesting to shoot, and suddenly I spotted a little turtle in the aquarium.

By Felix Marquez
I’m sure this military drill was a wonder to see in its rapid fire execution. But it is another wonder to see when held still in this photograph. Preparation, precision, and timing all coming together so wonderfully. (All which can also be said of the photographer.)

A tribal birth in India by Abhijit Dey
Six days after Betka Tudu’s birth, female relatives and neighbors in the West Bengal village of Purulia gathered to bless him and “to protect him from harm’s way,” says Dey. Born into the Santhal tribe, Betka “unknowingly drew his distant kin closer than ever.” — Abigail Tucker

Colombo by Namal Kamalgoda
Minneriya National Park, Sri Lanka.

By Majed Sultan Ali

By Machado, Portugal
Licancabur volcano is located on the border between Chile and Bolivia.

Motherly Love by Lisa Young

Jellyfish by Lisa Young

Dentist by Debasish Bhhaduri
The photograph was shot at the Kolkata zoo.

DEADLOCK by David Maitland

By Zoltán Balogh, Hungary
An aerial view near Madrid

By Ruston Agte Arizona
Kobe the polar bear out for a swim at the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona. At first I thought the glaring sun on the water was going to ruin the picture. What a surprise!

TROUBLE-MAKER by Stefano Unterthiner

Beekeeper at work by Julien Robitaille

Dance by Zeljko Milakovic

Junior needs help

Clearwater by Carol Grant
Endangered Florida manatee at the Three Sisters Spring wintering site, Crystal River, Florida.

Light Dance by Rod Scott
Tough lighting situations at times produce the greatest shots. This photo is one that falls into that category. The painting of light and the illumination of the faces capture the moment beautifully.

Ted Steinke of Layton
for photo of Northern Harriers, Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, UT

Refuge Photo Contest

JoHanna Wienert (Newport, OR)

Calcutta, India by Debashis Mukherjee
Boys are running towards a waterhole in a hot & humid day

Green Sea Turtle Being Cleaned by Peter Liu

By Jason J. Corneveaux Arizona
Canyonlands National Park on the White Rim Trail, looking south along the Green River near the Potato Bottom campsite.

By Abraham Herrera
The Grand Canyon’s Redwall Cavern

Faces of Asia by Yoppy Pieter

By Arthur Morris
Pairs of gannets were building nests atop a viewing shelter. It was a great opportunity to capture artistic images with high-key sky backgrounds as I did in this photo of a male passing nesting material to his mate.

By Prasanta Biswas
At the Indian village pond

By Ghioc Tudor, Romania
Where is freedom?

By Jaime Villalta, Venezuela
Fireworm moving in star coral

By Kristina Buceatchi, Moldova
Another vision

By Marina Kochetova

By Borut Furlan

By Pang Piow-Kan

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  1. chanel rocio villca beltran dice:

    hermosas fotos me encanto

  2. A.GUILLERMO dice:


  3. LUIS PIÑAS dice:

    excelente tus trabajos y seguro buen grupo humano que labora con tigo bendiciones

  4. braian dice:

    muy buenas espetacular



  6. MIA OROPEZA dice:


  7. Uxia dice:

    ME encanta la fotografia, y estas son geniales

  8. Nacho López dice:

    Muchas gracias por tus amables palabras Jesús…
    Para que los cortes sean suaves debes utilizar el calado en la selección…
    Es complicado explicar lo que debes de hacer para que un montaje no se note y que quede muy natural, ya que no se trata únicamente de aplicar una técnica si no una suma de muchas técnicas…
    Un abrazo :)

  9. Jesus dice:

    Hey Nacho, admiro el material fotográfico que muestras en tu sitio web.
    Es extenso el inventario de fotos y cubres muchos ángulos de ese arte. Felicidades.
    Nacho, aparte del comentario, te hago una pregunta acerca del uso de Photoshop. Ojalá puedas ayudarme. No tengo mucha experiencia. Me considero principiante.

    ¿Cómo suaviso o mejoro los bordes de una imagen que extraigo de una fotografía para que no se aprecie el efecto de un corte como si hubiese utilizado tijeras?

    He usado las diversas herramientas de selección; el afilado de bordes y otros, y de todas maneras se nota que la fotografía extraída de una fue montada en el nuevo fondo.

    ¿Qué hago para darle un efecto más realista?

    Gracias y hasta luego,





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